12 Best Places to Withdraw Your Nedbank Cardless Money

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Cardless money withdrawals are a convenient and secure way to access cash without needing a physical bank card.

This method has gained popularity due to its ease of use and the growing network of participating outlets and ATMs.

Nedbank, one of the leading banks in South Africa, offers this service, allowing customers to withdraw money from various locations nationwide.

By using a simple code generated through their mobile banking app or online banking service, Nedbank customers can easily get cash from designated points.

This service is especially beneficial in situations where carrying a card is not ideal or in emergency cases where the card is not available.

Where to Withdraw Nedbank Cardless Money?

Nedbank ATM

Nedbank ATMs are the most direct points for cardless cash withdrawals.

These ATMs are strategically located across various regions, ensuring easy access for customers.

To use this service, a customer generates a withdrawal code through the Nedbank Money app or online banking.

Upon entering this code at any Nedbank ATM, the specified amount of cash is dispensed.

This method is highly secure, as the code is only valid for a short period and the transaction requires the user’s banking credentials.


Checkers, a prominent supermarket chain in South Africa, offers Nedbank cardless money withdrawal services at many of its stores.

This partnership provides convenience for customers who can combine their shopping and banking needs in one location.

The process is straightforward: after generating a withdrawal code, customers can present it at the designated cashier counters to receive their cash.

Checkers Hyper

Similar to Checkers, Checkers Hyper stores also facilitate Nedbank cardless withdrawals.

These stores are larger and often located in major shopping centers, making them easily accessible.

The process of withdrawing money is the same – customers generate a code and present it at the checkout.


Shoprite collaborates with Nedbank to provide cardless withdrawal services.

This partnership is particularly beneficial in areas where access to traditional banking facilities might be limited.

Shoprite’s widespread presence across the country ensures that more customers can use this service.

After generating a withdrawal code, customers can receive their cash from the cashiers at Shoprite stores, making it a quick and hassle-free process.


Usave stores, part of the Shoprite group, also offer Nedbank cardless cash withdrawal services.

Targeting cost-conscious consumers, Usave stores are typically smaller and more focused on essential goods.

This makes them ideal for quick and convenient banking transactions.

Customers can easily generate a withdrawal code using their Nedbank banking app or online banking and then present this code at Usave stores to withdraw cash.

House & Home

House & Home is another location where Nedbank customers can perform cardless cash withdrawals.

This unique collaboration extends the convenience of cardless banking to a retail environment focused on home improvement.

Customers planning to purchase items for their homes can easily access cash at House & Home stores after generating a withdrawal code through Nedbank’s digital banking platforms.

This service adds value to the shopping experience, allowing customers to manage their financial and shopping needs in one trip.

OK Foods

OK Foods is part of the extensive network where Nedbank customers can access cardless cash withdrawals.

This service adds a layer of convenience for those who shop at OK Foods, allowing them to handle grocery shopping and banking simultaneously.

The process is simple: customers generate a unique code through Nedbank’s digital banking services, which they can then use at any OK Foods store to withdraw cash.

OK Furniture

OK Furniture, known for its wide range of furniture and home appliances, also offers the convenience of Nedbank cardless withdrawals.

This service is an excellent addition for customers looking to make significant home purchases.

By generating a withdrawal code via Nedbank’s digital platforms, customers can withdraw the necessary cash directly at OK Furniture stores.

This integration of financial services into a retail environment emphasizes customer convenience, allowing for an easier and more streamlined shopping experience.

Pick n Pay

Pick n Pay, one of South Africa’s largest supermarket chains is another key player in facilitating Nedbank cardless cash withdrawals.

The availability of this service at Pick n Pay stores is a significant convenience, given the chain’s extensive reach and popularity.

Customers can generate a withdrawal code through their Nedbank app or online banking, and then present this code at any Pick n Pay store to receive their cash.


Boxer, a retail chain offering a variety of products including groceries and clothing, also participates in the Nedbank cardless withdrawal network.

The presence of this service in Boxer stores is particularly advantageous in areas where banking facilities might be less accessible.

Customers can generate a withdrawal code using Nedbank’s digital banking tools and then use this code at Boxer stores to access their cash.

This service not only adds to the convenience for Nedbank customers but also helps in promoting financial inclusivity in different communities.

OTT outlets

Over the Top (OTT) outlets are a unique addition to the list of places where Nedbank cardless withdrawals can be made.

These outlets are specialized vendors that provide a range of services, including cardless banking transactions.

After generating a Nedbank withdrawal code, customers can visit any OTT outlet to receive their cash.

This service is especially useful for customers in areas where traditional banking services are not readily available.

Kazang outlets

Kazang outlets, known for providing various prepaid services, are also part of the Nedbank cardless cash withdrawal network.

Customers can visit any Kazang outlet, generate a withdrawal code through their Nedbank digital banking service, and use this code to withdraw cash.

This partnership is particularly beneficial in regions where banking services are limited, offering a convenient alternative for accessing cash.

Kazang outlets, with their widespread presence, play a crucial role in making banking services more accessible and inclusive.

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