Do This If Your Absa Cash Send SMS Not Received

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The way we handle money has transformed, bringing forth innovative methods that make transactions not just easier but also more accessible.

One such advancement is the Absa Cash Send service, a tool that has become integral to the financial routine of many South Africans.

This service streamlines the process of money transfer, enabling users to send funds using just a phone number.

However, with technology comes its set of challenges. A common hiccup faced by users is the non-receipt of the Cash Send SMS notification, a crucial component in this transfer process.

This guide shows you how to go through the complexities of why such an issue might occur.

It’s designed not just to shed light on the underlying causes but also to offer practical solutions, ensuring a smoother experience for both sender and receiver.

Detailed Step-by-Step Guide To Resend The ABSA Cash Send SMS

Step 1: Accessing the Absa App

  • Locate and open the Absa mobile app on your smartphone.
  • Ensure your internet connection is stable.

Step 2: Navigating to Cash Send

  • Once the app is open, locate the Menu icon (usually three lines or dots).
  • Tap on ‘Menu’ to reveal various options.
  • Select ‘Beneficiaries’ to view a list of individuals you have transacted with.

Step 3: Finding Your Transaction

  • In the Beneficiaries section, look for and select ‘CashSend’.
  • Find the specific beneficiary in question from your list of CashSend transactions.

Step 4: Resending the Code

  • Click on ‘History’ next to the beneficiary’s name.
  • This displays all previous transactions to that person.
  • Identify the transaction that is pending or causing issues.
  • Click on ‘More’ next to the relevant transaction.
  • Select ‘Resend withdrawal code’.

Additional Tips

Confirm the Recipient’s Number: Ensure the phone number is correct.

Instruct the Recipient: Inform them to expect an SMS and check their messages, including spam or junk folders.

Check Network Issues: Sometimes delays occur due to network problems.

Contact Absa Support: If problems persist, reaching out to Absa’s customer support can provide further assistance.

Why My Absa Cash Send SMS Not Received?

The failure of an SMS, such as an Absa Cash Send notification, to be delivered can be due to several reasons:

Network Issues

Service disruptions or weak signals can prevent SMS delivery. This is often temporary and resolves once network conditions improve.

Recipient’s Phone Problems

If the recipient’s phone is switched off, out of range, or experiencing software issues, SMS delivery can be delayed or fail.

SMS Inbox Full

If the recipient’s SMS inbox is full, new messages may not be received until older messages are deleted.

Number Error

If the sender enters an incorrect phone number, the SMS won’t reach the intended recipient.

Spam Filters

Some mobile carriers or phones have spam filters that might mistakenly block legitimate messages.

Carrier Issues

Sometimes, the issue might be with the carrier’s messaging service, either on the sender’s or recipient’s end.

Recipient Ignored/Delete the SMS

Occasionally, recipients might overlook or accidentally delete the SMS without reading it.

System Glitches

Rarely, technical glitches within the Absa system can cause delays or failures in sending SMS notifications.

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