Here Is How To Perform a Telkom SIM Swap at Your Own Convenience

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In the quest to update your mobile services with Telkom, a SIM swap is often an indispensable step.

Losing your phone or opting for an upgrade triggers the need for this seamless transition to a new SIM card while retaining your existing phone number.

The swap can seem daunting, shrouded in technicalities and procedural steps that may perplex even seasoned mobile users.

Yet, it doesn’t have to be a labyrinth of confusion. With clarity and a simplified approach, this process can be tackled swiftly, ensuring you stay connected without skipping a beat.

This guide is designed to go through all the steps of the Telkom SIM swap with ease, ensuring you’re equipped with every crucial step, prerequisite, and tip to achieve a smooth swap.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Do a Telkom SIM Swap

Step 1: Purchase a Telkom Starter Pack

  • Visit your nearest retailer or Telkom store.
  • Request a Telkom starter pack.
  • Make sure the pack is sealed and contains a new SIM card.

Step 2: RICA Your New SIM Card

  • By law, you must register any new SIM card in your name—this is called the RICA process.
  • To start, have your proof of identification (ID or passport) and proof of residence (like a utility bill) on hand.
  • Go to the Telkom RICA website (
  • Select ‘Start RICA’ on the website.
  • Fill in your personal details as prompted. Make sure to enter your information carefully and double-check for accuracy.
  • Follow the instructions to submit the necessary documents, usually requiring you to email copies of your ID and proof of residence.
  • Include a clear photo of yourself for verification purposes.

Step 3: Visit a Telkom Store

  • With your RICA SIM and documents in hand, locate your nearest Telkom store. You can find one through the Telkom store locator online.
  • Prepare to possibly wait if there’s a queue. Consider visiting during less busy hours if your schedule allows.

Step 4: Consult with a Telkom Representative

  • Approach a representative and let them know you need to perform a SIM swap.
  • Hand over your RICA documents and new SIM card for verification.
  • The representative will take you through the process and may ask for additional information about your current service to validate your request.

Step 5: Activate Your New SIM Card

  • After the representative sets up your new SIM card, they’ll initiate the activation process.
  • You may need to wait a short period for the activation to complete. This could take from a few minutes to a few hours.
  • Once activated, insert the new SIM into your phone.

Step 6: Confirm Activation

  • Turn on your phone with the new SIM card inserted.
  • You may be prompted to enter a PIN provided with your starter pack.
  • Check for a network signal. Once you see it, attempt to make a call, send a text, or use data to ensure the swap was successful.

Step 7: Save New Settings

  • If your new SIM card results in any new network settings being sent to your phone, save these when prompted.
  • Set up voicemail and any other services as needed.

Step 8: Keep Your Old SIM Until Deactivated

  • Keep your old SIM in a safe place until you’ve confirmed the new one is fully functional.
  • Your old SIM will be deactivated automatically after the swap is complete.

Step 9: Seek Help if Necessary

  • If you encounter any issues or receive an error message, contact Telkom support or return to the store for assistance.

Step 10: Dispose of Your Old SIM Safely

  • Once your new SIM is working, destroy your old SIM by cutting it up to prevent fraudulent use.

Patience is key here. If you’re not comfortable with any part of the process, Telkom representatives are there to help, ensuring your transition to a new SIM card is as smooth as possible.

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