Here Is How To Reverse Your FNB eWallet Payments

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Digital convenience sometimes comes with its fair share of mishaps, one of which might include erroneous transactions.

In the hustle of everyday life, a slip of the finger or a lapse in attention can lead to a wrong payment, leaving you fretting over lost funds.

Not all mistakes have to be costly. For users of FNB’s eWallet, there is a beacon of hope with the possibility of reversing transactions.

This process is designed to provide peace of mind to those who find themselves in the tricky situation of having sent money to an unintended recipient.

Whether it’s an accidental input of an extra zero or a transfer to a wrong phone number, our guide will walk you through the escape hatch FNB has in place.

Let’s dive into the step-by-step method to rectify such blunders, saving you from the potential headaches of digital payment errors.

Simple Guide to Reversing FNB eWallet Transactions

Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide for reversing FNB eWallet transactions:

Method 1 – Reversing via USSD

Access the USSD Service:

  • Find the phone application on your mobile device, the same one you use to make calls.
  • Type in 120321# using the keypad. This is the USSD code for FNB services.
  • Press the call button as if you’re making a call to initiate the service.

Navigate the Menu:

  • After a short wait, a menu will appear on your screen.
  • You’ll see various options for banking services. Look for the ‘Send Money’ option, which you may find among other services like ‘Buy Prepaid’ and ‘Banking.’
  • Use the number corresponding to ‘Send Money’ and enter it as your choice, then send or select ‘OK’ to proceed.

Select eWallet Reversal:

  • The ‘Send Money’ menu has multiple options, including one for eWallet services.
  • Look for ‘eWallet Reversal’ or a similarly titled option that indicates the reversal process.
  • Enter the number for ‘eWallet Reversal’ to choose this option.

Choose the Transaction:

  • The system will now show you a list of recent transactions sent from your eWallet.
  • Go through the list and find the transaction you want to reverse. They’re typically listed with details like the recipient’s number and the amount sent.
  • Select the transaction by entering the number or identifier next to it.

Complete the Reversal:

  • After selecting the transaction, you may be asked to confirm or provide a reason for the reversal.
  • Follow any additional instructions carefully, which may include reviewing the details of the transaction to ensure you’re reversing the correct one.
  • You might be prompted to confirm your choice. Do so to initiate the reversal process.

Method 2 – Reversing through the FNB App

Log into the FNB App:

  • Open the FNB app on your mobile device. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, you can find it in the app store available on your phone.
  • Enter your username and password to log in.

Go to Debit Orders:

  • Once inside the app, look for your banking dashboard or the main menu where your accounts are summarized.
  • Find and select the option labelled ‘Debit Orders,’ which might be found under ‘Payments’ or ‘Transactions.’

Find Your Transaction:

  • In the ‘Debit Orders’ section, you will see ‘My Debit Orders.’ Select this to view a list of transactions.
  • Scan through the transactions to locate the one you wish to reverse. Be attentive to the details to avoid another mistake.

Initiate the Reversal:

  • Once you’ve found the right transaction, select it. There may be an option to ‘View,’ ‘Dispute,’ or directly ‘Reverse’ the payment.
  • Provide a valid reason for the reversal when prompted.

Confirm Your Action:

  • After providing all necessary information, the option to ‘Reverse’ the transaction will be highlighted.
  • Tap on ‘Reverse,’ then ‘Confirm’ to finalize your request.
  • The app may ask for your confirmation one more time to ensure the security of your transaction.

After Reversal:

Patience Is Key:

  • Remember, the transaction won’t reverse instantly. It may take several days for the funds to reflect back in your account.


  • Keep an eye on your account balance and transaction history in the coming days to confirm the reversal.
  • If you don’t see the funds after the specified time, reach out to FNB customer support for help.

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