How Much Do YouTubers Earn in South Africa

There are still many sceptics out there who do not believe it is feasible to generate money on the Internet.

In truth, there are countless success tales of individuals who have made a fortune online.

YouTube is only one of many methods to become an Internet star, and maybe an Internet millionaire if you’re lucky.

YouTube has over 2.3 billion users globally and will earn $19.7 billion in revenue in 2020, representing a 30.4 per cent growth over the previous year.

Ryans World, a popular children’s YouTube channel, earned $29.5 million in 2020. But the question you’ve come to ask is how much money YouTubers make in South Africa or anywhere else in the globe.

How to earn money on YouTube in South Africa?

You may make money on YouTube by joining the Youtube Partners Program.

YouTube assists creators in monetizing their channels with advertising income, channel memberships, super chats and super stickers, channel subscriptions, retail shelves, and Youtube Premium Revenue.

If you qualify, you may also get Shorts incentives as part of the YouTube Shorts Fund.

The Youtube Shorts Fund is a $100 million fund established to reward producers for their efforts to create innovative, original Shorts that thrill the YouTube community.

Currently, only creators from certain countries are eligible for the fund, but we anticipate YouTube will soon expand to more nations.

Requirements to Make Money on Your YouTube Channel in South Africa

With YouTube business ideas, there are several methods to make money. And they all have different minimum requirements. To get money from advertising, you must do the following:

  • You must be 18 years old or older, or have a legal guardian of that age who can manage payments.
  • Follow the policies of the Google AdSense program.
  • Create material that does not contain improper language, violence, adult themes, cigarette marketing, or anything else that may offend sponsors.

You may also generate money by selling channel subscriptions, which allow users to join up for additional premium content. You may also offer merchandise that viewers can buy.

You must be at least 18 years old and have at least 1,000 subscribers to qualify for these revenue streams.

Then there’s the possibility of earning money with Super Chat and Super Stickers, which just requires you to live in a nation where this function is available.

Furthermore, money from YouTube Premium subscriptions is available to any channel seen by YouTube Premium members.

How Much Money Do You Make on YouTube in South Africa?

Not all YouTubers make a living. Before you can even think about making money, you must first build up your subscription base and views.

Some YouTubers, on the other hand, make millions. In fact, Ryan Kaji, the highest earner from 2020, earned $29.5 million last year.

However, the majority earn considerably less. The average million-subscriber channel earns around $60,000 per year.

How Much Money do YouTubers Make Per View in South Africa?

There is no specific method for calculating how much money is generated each view. Google generally pays between $0.01 and $0.03 each ad view. Top channels, on the other hand, may earn up to $0.05.

You may even earn extra per watch if you can get subscribers to perform a different action, such as clicking an affiliate link or purchasing something.

How Much do YouTubers Make Per 1000 Views in South Africa?

The precise amount YouTubers may earn per 1,000 views in South Africa varies depending on criteria such as interaction and video genre.

However, the average YouTuber earns around $18 every 1,000 ad views. Additional revenue streams, such as affiliate marketing and goods, allow you to make more.

How Much does a YouTuber Make Per Hour in South Africa?

The amount of money you may get paid every hour by creating YouTube varies considerably. The YouTube Partner Program compensates based on video views rather than hours done.

So, for each hour spent working on YouTube videos, a high-profile YouTuber like Caspar Lee Star might earn thousands of dollars.

A fresh new YouTuber, on the other hand, may have to work for free for years to establish an audience.

For monetized channels, the typical hourly pay is about $25.

How Much Money does 1 Million YouTube Views Make in South Africa?

In South Africa, the average pay for a million views on YouTube ranges between $2,000 and $4,000.

The pay rate, on the other hand, fluctuates considerably based on interaction, content type, and other income streams. Furthermore, achieving 1 million views necessitates a significant amount of effort.

You must continually promote your channel and generate recurrent material that attracts subscribers and YouTube viewers’ attention.

how much does a YouTuber with 100,000 subscribers earn in South Africa?

In South Africa, earning money on YouTube is dependent on views rather than subscriptions. The more followers you have, though, the more views each of your video is likely to receive.

As a result, a typical YouTuber with 100,000 followers may earn $12,000 or more every sponsored video.

Engagement, content type, and other revenue streams may all have an influence on your earnings.

Who are the top 10 highest-paid YouTubers in South Africa?

  1. Trevor Noah
  2. Caspar Lee
  3. Die Antwoord
  4. Cobus Potgieter
  5. Theodora Lee
  6. MCPEMike
  7. Dragnoz
  8. Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues
  9. SuzelleDIY
  10. AirArmsHuntingSA

How do YouTubers Get Paid in South Africa?

YouTubers who are compensated through the Partner Program earn money based on the number of times their videos are seen on YouTube.

Google AdSense is used to host these. So you should begin by registering for an AdSense account.

The next step is to create a YouTube account and work your way up to 10,000-lifetime views.

Then, apply for the YouTube Partner Program, and the company will review your content to ensure that it complies with the creator’s policies.

Payments are made through your AdSense account after your application is accepted. Once you’ve amassed at least $100, you may transfer it to your own account.

The amount you make is dependent on how your audience interacts with video ads. There are numerous forms of advertising. As a result, some marketers pay per click, while others pay per view.

Overall, the more people who view advertisements on your channel, the more money you’re going to make.

In addition, some YouTubers make money from other sources.

They may, for example, add affiliate links in their descriptions, text advertising in movies, work directly with sponsors, or offer products.

Best Ways to Make Money on YouTube in South Africa

There are several ways to earn money on YouTube that are not limited to the YouTube partner itself. Here are some of the several ways you may earn money as a YouTuber.

Display Advertisements on Your Channel

YouTube provides a number of display ad formats, including skippable and non-skippable advertising, bumper ads, and overlay ads. Skippable commercials require only five seconds of viewing before viewers may proceed to their video.

Ads that cannot be skipped must be seen in their full before the video can be played. Bumper advertisements must also be seen in their full, but they are limited to six seconds in length.

Overlay advertising appears as text at the bottom of the video screen.

Within these categories are CPC, which stands for cost-per-click, and CPM, which stands for cost-per impressions (1,000 impressions) (1,000 impressions). Clicks are more important to people who seek actual interaction or who want to offer items or services right away.

However, for businesses trying to educate or create brand recognition, impressions may be more important.

Start by registering for AdSense and linking your account to YouTube, regardless of the sorts of advertising you’re interested in.

Then you may pick the formats that work best for you. The average CPC is approximately $2, while the average CPM is around $7.50. In addition, YouTube distributes around 45 per cent of its ad income to content producers.

Marketing Through Affiliates

Affiliate links lead visitors to a website while tracking their activities. When people click on a link to buy something, the affiliate who posted the link gets a cut of the transaction.

These links are simple to put in YouTube descriptions. You might, for example, provide links to goods you’ve evaluated or demonstrated.

To employ this strategy, look for affiliate programs that are relevant to your channel. Many people like the Amazon Associates program.

Then include your links and begin generating passive income. This is unlikely to generate a large sum of money straight soon. However, you can use this strategy even if your channel is too small to host ads.

As your channel expands, you may continue to use affiliate links alongside other money streams.

Merchandise Sales

YouTube may also serve as a platform for you to advertise your own products. Make t-shirts, mugs, or even digital items to sell to your target demographic. Simply advertise these products at the start or at the end of the video.

YouTube does not provide this as a direct service. As a result, you must build a website or find another means to facilitate sales. However, YouTube can be a great source of inspiration for both content and marketing channels.

The Patreon

Patreon is a content monetization platform. You may include a Patreon button in your channel and a description to allow visitors to donate to your channel.

You may also provide content enhancements that are exclusively available to individuals who subscribe to your premium Patreon page. This may include more in-depth videos or written information that they won’t be able to discover anywhere else.

Use your YouTube channel to advertise this option while still providing some free material.


Sponsors vary from normal YouTube advertisements in that you have control over the connections you have with the businesses that advertise on your channel.

Instead of advertising playing at predetermined times, you incorporate promotional information into your video. This might be a little blurb at the beginning or at the end of the video.

Alternatively, the entire video might be about a single product or service.

The cost of a sponsorship varies greatly. Some charge hundreds of dollars for a single mention, while others labour in exchange for free goods or services.

Because it is not run through YouTube, there is no minimum number of views or subscribers for this option. If you have an engaged niche, you may use this option even if you have a small following.

Top Tips for Becoming a Successful South African YouTuber

Choose the Best Niche

Advertisers want to reach the right people on YouTube. It is more difficult for businesses to target people who fit into their intended market if your channel content ranges from gaming to cookery.

However, if your material focuses on a certain topic, your visitors are more likely to be interested and devoted, allowing you to earn more money.

Perfect Your Video Content Editing

Raw footage is generally preferred by subscribers and marketers over polished video material. Once you’ve shot your movies, remove any errors or extraneous footage to give the most value in the least amount of time.

You may also use filters or royalty-free music to improve the audio and visual elements. There are several editing software packages available, ranging from inexpensive versions like iMovie and Windows Movie Maker to professional ones like Final Cut Pro.

Post Videos on a Regular Basis

Most YouTubers do not become popular with only one video. Even if your material becomes viral, if you generate content on a regular basis, you are much more likely to establish an engaged following.

And those subscribers are more inclined to contact marketers, buy sponsored products and services, or purchase stuff featured on your YouTube channel.

Create a plan, such as publishing once a week, so people know when to check your YouTube channel for new videos.

Then remind them to subscribe or set up notifications so they don’t miss any of your new videos.

How many subscribers do you need to make a living on YouTube?

To generate money with the YouTube Partner Program, you must have at least 1,000 subscribers. You will most likely require more than this following to make a living salary.

However, you may augment your revenue with additional sources such as affiliate links and goods.

Who is the highest-paid YouTuber?

Ryan Kaji, who makes toy unpacking videos and other kid-friendly material, is the highest-paid YouTuber. Kaji and his parents upload a video to his YouTube page roughly once a day.

His net worth is estimated to be about $50 million. The majority of that comes from YouTube advertising. He does, however, have a product line and other money streams.

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