10 Banks With The Highest Interest Rate for Fixed Deposits in South Africa

Fixed deposit accounts in South Africa are seeing a renaissance of interest as they offer a solid shelter for savings in the high tide of fluctuating economic climates.

With interest rates peaking for the first time since 2009, the landscape of personal savings is shifting dramatically, turning savers into the winners of this season.

Financial institutions across the nation are touting rates that would make any prudent saver’s heart beat faster, with some ‘headline’ rates scaling the heights of 11% to 12% over the investment term.

The devil lies in the details, and understanding the interplay between nominal and effective rates becomes critical in making an informed decision.

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This research unveils the intricacies of fixed deposit rates, equipping you with the wisdom to discern and capitalize on the best offers.

Best Fixed Deposit Rates in South Africa


Investing in TymeBank for a fixed deposit could prove beneficial given their competitive interest rates.

Data indicates TymeBank offers an 11% effective interest rate on a 12-month fixed deposit, with a corresponding nominal rate of 10.44%, positioning it as a market leader without a minimum investment requirement.

This rate surpasses many rivals, ensuring a favourable return for savers on a year-long basis.

Savers should note that TymeBank’s investment periods are limited to three, six, or twelve months, leading to account closure and transfer of funds post-term, necessitating a new account for subsequent investments.

African Bank

Investing in African Bank for a fixed deposit could be a prudent choice, considering the competitive interest rates on offer.

With nominal rates for investments over R100,001 at 9.71% and effective rates even higher due to compounding, African Bank is among four banks that surpass a 10% effective rate on a 12-month fixed deposit for this investment bracket.

This rate does not escalate with higher deposits, such as those over R1 million, maintaining a flat reward structure irrespective of the deposit size.

This uniformity can simplify decision-making for investors not looking to place large sums.

The bank’s performance in the market, offering an effective rate that outpaces nominal rates, suggests a solid return on investment over the specified term.

Grindrod Bank

Choosing Grindrod Bank for fixed deposit investments could align well with your goals if you’re considering substantial sums.

Grindrod stands out for offering rates over 10% on investments exceeding R1 million for a 12-month period.

Their published nominal rate of 9.57% or higher reflects a targeted approach, catering to high-value deposits rather than a broad deposit range.

This exclusivity might appeal to you if your investment strategy involves placing larger funds to capitalize on higher interest yields.

It’s important to recognize that Grindrod Bank doesn’t publicize rates for accounts under R1 million, indicating a niche focus.


Your choice to save with Nedbank reflects a strategic decision influenced by attractive interest rates.

For a fixed deposit over 12 months, Nedbank’s nominal rates start at 9.50% for deposits starting from R100,001, with an increase to 9.81% for deposits over R1 million, offering an effective annual rate of 10.15% for the latter.

These rates position Nedbank competitively, showcasing its appeal for savers seeking robust returns on their investments.

This bank compares favourably with others, ensuring savers with substantial deposits can maximize interest income.

The fact that these rates are not progressive with higher deposit amounts implies a clear, straightforward investment product.

Access Bank

Your decision to save with Access Bank can be viewed positively due to its competitive interest rates for fixed deposits.

With nominal rates for a 12-month term at 9.50% and an effective yield higher, Access Bank ranks well against other institutions.

For larger sums exceeding R1 million, the bank sustains these rates, suggesting a level playing field for all savers regardless of deposit size.

Access Bank’s history, evolving from Grobank and previously Bank of Athens, and its acquisition by Nigeria’s Access Bank Plc in 2020, may add to its stability and appeal as a saving option.

Before proceeding, it’s advisable to review the most current rates, as the financial landscape can shift, potentially affecting interest yields.


Selecting Sasfin for your fixed deposit savings could be beneficial, given its high-interest rate offerings.

Sasfin is listed among the banks with an effective rate exceeding 10% for a 12-month term on amounts over R1 million, providing a nominal rate of 9.50% and an even higher return due to compounding effects.

This rate places Sasfin in a competitive stance, especially considering its specialization in the SME banking sector, which may offer additional benefits tailored to small and medium enterprise owners.

With rates for a five-year term advertised at 10.25%, Sasfin also caters to long-term savers looking for sustained growth.

Standard Bank

For a 12-month fixed deposit, Standard Bank offers a nominal rate of 9.137%, with a similar rate for a R1 million investment over 60 months.

Comparing this to peers, TymeBank offers a higher effective rate of 11% for the same period, indicating better growth potential for your investment with them.

Senior citizens gain from Absa with a 10-basis point increase, and banks like African Bank and Grindrod Bank present rates exceeding 10% for substantial deposits.

With interest rates possibly at their peak, considering options like RSA Retail Savings Bonds might also prove beneficial, offering up to 11.75% over five years.

Bidvest Bank

With a nominal rate of 9.75% listed, Bidvest Bank’s offer is competitive, particularly for savers seeking straightforward options without a long-term commitment.

It’s crucial to note that other banks, like TymeBank, have higher effective rates of 11% for a 12-month term, which could yield more considerable interest earnings.

The absence of a higher rate for larger sums at Bidvest may influence your decision if you plan to deposit significant amounts.

It’s advisable to meticulously compare these rates and consider the advantage of compounding interest over more extended periods.

Capitec Bank

Capitec Bank’s fixed deposit offerings present competitive interest rates that may suit your savings plan well.

For a 12-month term, Capitec provides a nominal rate of 9.30% and an elevated nominal rate of 9.40% for amounts over R1 million, with the effective annual rate likely higher due to compounding.

This positions Capitec as a strong contender among other institutions, though not the highest.

TymeBank, for example, outpaces with an effective rate of 11%. Your choice should hinge on rate comparison, term preferences, and reinvestment strategies.

It’s essential to distinguish between nominal and effective rates, as the latter reflects the actual growth of your investment.


Absa offers competitive rates, notably for savers over 55, enhancing published rates by 10 basis points.

For a 12-month term, Absa’s nominal rates stand at 9.3%, with the potential to increase to 10% for longer-term deposits.

This adjustment reflects their commitment to better serve senior customers.

Comparison with other banks shows Absa’s rates are compelling, particularly when considering investments exceeding R100,001 and R1,000,001 for both one and five-year terms.

These rates reflect a strategic opportunity to maximize earnings on savings without needing substantial investment amounts.

Remember, these rates are subject to change, and verifying the latest rates before committing funds is crucial. The rates mentioned are accurate as of June 26, 2023, and checking for updates ensures informed decision-making.

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